Your pants won't stay up and that's got you down.

bottomsUp hidden suspenders

bottomsUp®can help!

bottomsUp® are simple, stretchy fabric bands that attach to pants and skirts and the side panels of a bra. Worn under clothes, they’re super comfy and barely visible with an amazing ability to keep wayward bottoms in place.

What began as a lifesaver for pregnant women has now found an audience in women everywhere who don’t like wearing belts but want pants that stay put. Whether it’s because belts are uncomfortable or they’re just tired of fighting gravity for control of those favorite low-rise jeans, bottomsUp® can give everyone a little lift.


bottomsUp® offer help wherever you need it. They can be attached in the front or back, keeping tummies tucked in or cheeks from peeking out. They’re fully adjustable and also help keep bras from riding up in back.

bottomsUp® are soft on skin but don’t have to be seen by anyone other than the person they’re on.

Try a pair today!

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