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Pregnancy Magazine Ultimate Beauty and Style Guide
Highlighted in Pregnancy Magazine Ultimate Beauty and Style Guide, Summer 2007

Conceive Magazine on BottomsUp

Conceive magazine, June 2007, “The Skinny”
“No, we’re not urging you to hoist a glass right now. Instead we just want you to hold your pants up…A kind of pregnancy suspender, bottomsUp are extremely comfortable and barely visible under your clothing.”

iVillage Stuff We Love, April 2007, “Fancy Pants”

“…as many a mom-to-be can tell you, keeping your pants on, or at least up where they belong in the general vicinity of the waistline is actually more of a challenge that you might think…bottomsUp offer a simple-but-stylish solution: stretchy, soft elastic bands that attach to your bra and your pants under your shirt…kind of like simplified suspenders.”

Big Apple Parent on BottomsUp

Big Apple Parent, June 2007, “Keeping Up With Pregnancy”

“The elastic straps…are made from a stretchy, non-irritating material that is comfortable next to the skin…While bottomsUp are designed not to be seen, they come in a variety of fun prints so women can express their inner animal fantasies.”

As Seen at Cool Mom Picks
March 6, 2007

CoolMomPicks dubbed bottomsUp™ “The Pregnant Woman’s Dignity Saver.” One ‘cool mom’ wrote, ”...a month or so ago my dignity was mercifully restored, as I was given an exclusive sample of brand spankin’ new bottomsUp™. Amazing! Wonderful! Glorious!” She added, “I suggest you get two: A fun print, and then a nice subtle nude for under white tops. Because if there’s anything worth $24, it’s the self-esteem of a pregnant woman.”

Healthy Bump, June 2007
“A simple solution to a rather common and annoying problem…The fabric bands were easy to clip onto my bra and pants and I was able to adjust them very easily…bottomsUp is an innovative idea and after a while you forget that you are wearing them.”, July 2007
“Almost-Mommy Must-Have:…Instead of pulling on waistbands and stretching out fabrics, try bottomsUp; these stretchy fabric bands hide discreetly under clothing, keeping your belly covered and your pants up.

Here’s what real women have to say…

“bottomsUp™ have changed my life. I walk with confidence, even in low-rise pants, and I feel more like my old, non-pregnant self.” AnneMarie, 37, mother of two

“I’m pregnant but spend a lot of time on the floor playing with my 2 year-old. Now I can sit and bend without worrying about my bottom peeking out.” Andrea, 35, mother of one (almost two)

“bottomsUp™ are awesome. I’ve been wearing them all week and usually forget they’re even there.” Liz, mother of one (almost two)

“bottomsUp™ saved me from having to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. I wear them to work every day.”
Kim, 37, soon to me a new mom.

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