Who should wear bottomsUp™?
bottomsUp™ are for anyone who doesn’t like wearing a belt but wants pants and skirts that stay put. They’re a great solution for the challenge posed by ever-popular low-rise styles. bottomsUp™ are also very popular with pregnant women, whose bodies are constantly changing and whose bellies push waistlines out of place. In fact, bottomsUp™ are a lifesaver for any woman whose body is changing or who has a hard time finding bottoms to fit her shape.

Are bottomsUp™ comfortable on my skin?
bottomsUp™ are made with very soft material and smooth clips. Most women say after a few seconds they forget they’re wearing them – except for the fact that they don’t have to keep tugging their pants up!

Will the clips damage my pants or bra?
The clips have a plastic insert to prevent damage to your clothes.

I’m tall/short. Will bottomsUp™ fit me?
bottomsUp™ can be adjusted to fit different shapes and sizes and can be worn with varying styles of pants. Worn longer, they work great with under-the-belly bottoms. Worn shorter, they help keep over-the-belly panels from sliding down. bottomsUp™ can also be worn with any non-maternity pants or skirts.

My bottomsUp™ sometimes detach from my bra/bottoms when I sit. How can I fix this?
bottomsUp™ hold on the tightest to a hem, so try to attach the bottom clips over the top hem of your pants or skirt. Sometimes just moving the clip to a different spot on your waistband will help it hang on better.

How do I wash my bottomsUp™?
If necessary, you can hand-wash bottomsUp™ gently in cool water. Lay flat to dry.

Do I have to be pregnant to wear bottomsUp™?
Of course not! bottomsUp™ can help any woman who struggles with pants and skirts that won’t stay up. For newly post-partum moms, bottomsUp™ are indispensable while their bodies rapidly shrink and they’re caught between sizes. Women who aren’t pregnant have found bottomsUp™ to be a great alternative to uncomfortable belts and a great help as they lose or gain weight.

What’s your return policy?
If for any reason, you are not satisfied with bottomsUp™, you can return them for a full refund of the purchase price, not including shipping and handling. Product must be returned within 15 days, unworn with the original packaging. To read our full return policy, click here.

Aside from online, where can I buy bottomsUp™?
For a list of stores that carry bottomsUp™, click here.